Life Events

Job Change

Whether losing a job or starting a new opportunity, when you or your spouse experiences a job change, there are several things you should consider.

Spouse's Coverage Change

In the event of a change, don't delay!

If you, your spouse, and/or your eligible dependents lose health and welfare coverage (medical, dental, and vision) due to your spouse’s job loss, you have 60 days from the last date of coverage to enroll in or add them to your JCPenney medical, dental, and vision plans.

60 days
to enroll from the last date of coverage

Get support during difficult times.

Job loss can be a stressful experience. You and your covered dependents can receive free, confidential assistance from licensed counselors who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also receive up to three free in-person visits per issue, per year. If you need more care and are enrolled in a JCP medical plan, additional counseling may be available to you.

Cigna Members
& Associates Not Enrolled in JCP Medical Plan
Compare Coverage

My spouse started a new job.

Be sure to compare your health and welfare coverage. Review your JCPenney and your spouse’s new health and welfare coverage to determine which is the right fit for your family. If your spouse elects to cover you under their health and welfare plans (medical, dental, and vision), you can end your JCPenney coverage.

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